Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I place an order?

  • Plans & Pricing > Select the plan you desire. A courtesy notification to @kitchenninjaservices on Instagram or chef.keith@kitchenninjaservices.com is favorable. For custom orders, please supply your email so that we may send an invoice.

  • When is the order window?

  • You may order at any time between Sunday and Saturday. The cut-off for pre-orders is Saturday for meal plans to be delivered the following week.

  • Is delivery included in the meal prep service?

  • Delivery is included with all services (meal prep, catering, corporate catering, and private dinners that function similar to catering) and is factored into the pricing. Meal Prep currently has two (2) deliveries to ensure food freshness, the first 3 menu items on Mondays and the remaining 2 on Wednesdays. The delivery window is between 6pm and 8pm, with earlier times coordinated when the workload permits. This is subject to change, and all clients will be notified.

  • Our delivery vehicle is a short-range Electric Vehicle, so deliveries are prioritized by distance to ensure an efficient route.

  • If you require delivery on any other day (excluding Sunday), a small delivery charge will be invoiced and must be paid prior to delivery.

  • If you live outside of the delivery range (i.e., Spring, Woodlands, Humble, Pasadena, Richmond, etc., you will be required to meet at a near Electric Vehicle charging station. You will be notified as to where the nearest station is located.

  • Why should I work with Kitchen Ninja Services?

  • Kitchen Ninja Services works to facilitate health from a holistic perspective, as Chef Keith's food philosophy takes into account the connection of mental health, dietary lifestyle, and physical health. While our service at face value only serves the dietary lifestyle portion, the physical and mental improvements (which we cannot guarantee) do not go unnoticed.

  • Is your food "vegan?"

  • Yes. 100% However, we opt for "Plant-Based" to promote inclusion and harmony for the entire spectrum of people who eat vegetables.

  • Do you use soy products?

  • Never. Always soy-free. Coconut Aminos is a miracle! (Unless you're allergic to coconuts...)

  • Do you have gluten-free options?

  • YES! In fact, many of our meals are specifically tailored around gluten-free. Other items have a gluten-free substitute that is either written on the menu or must be requested.

  • May I customized my meal plan?

  • No. Menus are served as-is. Customization of meals would fall under "custom meal prep,
     which is currently not available. Ingredients may be omitted if they are not essential (e.g. burger toppings). You are also permitted to choose two (2) of a dish if there is one on the menu that you do not wish to have.

  • What should I do with my containers when I am done?

  • We require that you return plastic containers. This helps us reduce waste, thus cutting costs which are invested into the highest quality ingredients. Don't worry, they will be specially marked, separated, sanitized, and guaranteed to only be used by you!

  • How often does the menu change?

  • Weekly. There are a total of 4 menus (numbered 1-4 for each week until), with items swapped in and out according to the seasons. Out-of-season (peak season) produce is sub-optimal. You'll be glad that some dishes are reserved for certain seasons. Inquire about the menus by direct messaging or email.

  • Where are you located?

  • Within the 77057 zip code near 59 South. Meal Prep services are currently operating under the Texas Cottage Law, as such, our address is kept confidential to maintain personal privacy. We treat our home kitchen as if it is a professional restaurant kitchen, so no need to worry about sanitation issues. For pop-ups and catering, commercial kitchens are utilized*.

  • How does the Exclusive Tasters Club work?

  • It is a monthly subscription that enables one to try one (1) menu item per month if uncertain about subscribing to our meal plan. A great option for those who enjoy supporting multiple businesses, or simply would like to support Kitchen Ninja Services without committing to the entire menu. The price is based upon promotional pop-up prices, which are undervalued. Please take this into consideration when making any special requests. 

  • You must request the dish you would like to try during the corresponding week. Delivery rules still apply. 

  • The other function of the Exclusive Tasters Club is exclusive access to trial dishes and test kitchen items for the private ETC events, which enables us to gain valuable feedback before presenting courses at the event. This is also limited to one dish, and not guaranteed. 

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