The Sandwich That Formed A Dream

Updated: May 28

Before Keith chose to pursue a life with "Chef" in front of his name, he was once a young graduate student at Houston Baptist University obtaining a Master's Degree in Psychology. As a full-time student (with class making up a small minority of the day), there was a lot of time to experiment. Perusing through the internet for inspiration, the idea came to remix a grilled cheese sandwich, and a concept was found: a Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Yes, this was before Keith even heard the word vegan, so...yeah! Serving this sandwich for his friends and their friends, one brave soul dared to plant the seed. For the sake of comic-book-esque lore style storytelling and anonymity, we'll call this friend "The Juiceman 45" (completely unrelated to Trump). The Juiceman 45 suggested, "you should start a food truck, and this sandwich has to be the main item. This is one of the best sandwiches I've ever had!" Or...something like that, it was 5 years ago, you know how memories work. At any rate, after hearing "this is [one of] the best sandwich" enough times, Keith began to believe in that idea. Fast forward through that years of that idea being placed on the shelf --> Jackfruit was a no-brainer replacement for shredded chicken. On the day of finally preparing this dish for a Mystik Market Monday, the idea came up to add avocado, somehow, because EVERYONE loves avocado, and the sandwich originally had a cooling element to it by way of a sauce. Bada-bing bada-boom, avocado-dill aioli is born, and leveled this sandwich up a LOAD of notches. It can also be served as a quesadilla with the aoili on the side.


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