"What makes it 'Fiesta?'" It's A Literal Party

Kitchen Ninja Chronicles: Creations

Spoiler Alert: this business was very close to being started in Dallas.

At the beginning of my (Chef Keith) plant-based journey, I had hit a complete reset button on my eating lifestyle (which is not ow most people transition *learned the hard way*). Subsequently, I rebuilt what I choose to eat brick-by-brick...


the first few bricks were black & pinto beans, sweet potatoes, and quinoa. I ate a variation of burrito bowls, fajitas, tacos, buddha bowls, RAMEN (okay, that one was a stretch, but I may be on to something there...), until I realized one day that I hadn't had a burger in a looooooong time. EXPERIMENTATION BEGINS!

Initial taste testers gave great feedback, especially the fact that they felt full, yet light enough to go run a marathon. [insert plant-based magic meme here]. Which then led to me being booked for this art exhibit / live show artist showcase in a warehouse. It was honestly one of the coolest events I've ever been to, and just so happened to be my very first pop-up AND burger bar.

From a simple mixture of sweet potato, back beans, and quinoa seasoned with Tex-Mex spices, with a slice of tomato, sauteed red onions, butter pickle chips, fresh spinach, and habanero ketchup, to now adding a spicy chipotle cheddar cheeze sauce and embracing the fact that it will more than likely explode, and THAT'S the party!

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