Where will the Kitchen Ninja Pop-Up Next?!

Well...not telling you...just kidding! Although, it was officially decided about two weeks before the pandemic made it's splash in America that markets are no longer in our plans. While they were a great experience and a way to expose the business to different volumes of people, the vendor market is [the information contained in the brackets is classified, as we can never be to sure who is reading this. Rumors spread faster than viruses, we're not trying to get blacklisted here!]

The other obstacles [aka area of opportunity] was that THE ENTIRE FOOD INDUSTRY has been forced to our lane. I mean, how many people were offering personal home delivery with delicious plant-based food?! Not a lot. Between many deciding to do some quarantine home-cooking themselves, or utilizing the growing tech giant delivery services to get food from the restaurants they already know and love, where's room for the little guy? Ground Zero.

PLOT TWIST, an entirely new creation is brewing. We won't give any details until it is ready to be presented to the world. It's time to move this company as the name suggests, Ninja Style (stealthy, without the espionage, subterfuge, and other unnamed crimes associated with stealth operations). We will also be hosting our own (often private) events. While the original plan was for a food truck, the current industry leaders (and the history of food trucks) have dictated that the kind of food we wish to serve (and how) is not what the public wants from a food truck. Nor do we wish to maintain the overhead of a brick & mortar along with waitstaff and all the other restaurant woes that create high turnover, even for successfully franchised chains. Nonetheless, some of it depends on the lift on social distancing in terms of gathering, and the rest on the collection of team members. The former will allow maximized food experiences in an intimate setting. The latter cannot be feasibly rendered without a team (that's all the information on it you shall get ;). Let's be honest here, "Vegan Junk Food" isn't the end-all-be-all. At least, not for people who actually care about their health (as well as the animals! Although, why is it that so many will treat others - people and species - better than they treat themselves? Food for thought). MEAL PREP IS STILL A GO! Along with some other changes as to how we are doing meal prep, we are only accepting 5 clients per 90 day cycle, and slowly phasing out the week-to-week plans. This will ensure a higher quality of service to match the previous price increases. We will also stick with our high quality sourced food supplies. Simply put, we require a commitment to yourself and us for the sake of health and sustainability. Our mission is to educate and positively impact lives through food while creating relationships that extend beyond the typical business-consumer relationship. You will know without a shadow of a doubt that we truly care for you, whether you are a current client or not!

Remember, "Leave everything better than you found it!" - The Kitchen Ninja Way

P.S. This includes the Earth! Happy Earth Day EVERYDAY!!!

Houston, Texas | 100% Plant-Based | "LEAVE EVERYTHING BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT!" - The Kitchen Ninja Way